Chrome Remote Desktop

Montgomery Business Solutions wants to give a shout out to Google’s free Chrome Remote Desktop.

There’s a website that I need to refer to frequently, even when I’m out of the office, whose technical features only work while using Internet Explorer (IE). IE is only available on the Windows operating system. So, since it’s impossible to install IE on my iOS device (my iPhone) there are vendors that offer apps that allow you to look into your office computer when you’re out of the office. So if your company uses a desktop-only software program or database being able to look at your office desktop using a remote desktop app can be cheaper than buying another seat/license of the desktop software to install on a portable laptop.

After messing around for a couple of hours trying to remote into my Windows desktop with my iPhone 7 using Windows’ built-in Remote Desktop functionality I gave up in favor of a colleague’s suggestion to use Google (Duh! When in doubt always see if there’s a Google app for “that”). Microsoft’s instructions on their website were no help. But with Chrome Remote Desktop there weren’t really even any instructions, per say. No multi-step, dig-deep-into-your-computer’s-settings-in-order-to-get-the-function-to-work instructions. I was set up on both my Windows desktop and iPhone in five minutes.

And Donny let the fact that it’s called Chrome Remote Desktop and not Google Remote Desktop. While the app is installed on your computer’s, presumably, existing installation of Google’s browser Chrome, you’re able to view your whole computer desktop not just Chrome.

There are other, great remote desktop vendors such as TeamViewer and LogMeIn but knowing how easy to use and usually free Google apps were, not to mention the kudos from my colleague, I went with Google. In my experience as a small business owner working for mostly small business customers most Microsoft products require a technical degree to set up or set up properly. Microsoft products are marketed to mid- and large-size companies with dedicated IT departments.

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