Recreational Vehicles to the [Vacation] Rescue

What is an RV?  A recreational vehicle (RV) is either a vehicle you drive or a tricked-out trailer that you pull with your day-to-day vehicle.

A drivable RV is also known as a motor home or motor coach.  There are two types of motor homes; Class A looks like a bus, Class B looks like a van, and Class C look like a cross of A and B.

A trailer is either a travel trailer, aka bumper-pull, or a fifth-wheel where it’s tongue acts like your truck’s fifth wheel.  Bumper-pulls can be pulled with either a car, truck, or SUV, depending on the weight.  Fifth wheels can only be pulled by a truck and the larger the fifth wheel the more powerful a truck you’ll need.

Why am I writing about recreational vehicles?  They are an economical way of getting your vacation accomplished (and I’m all about economizing and vacations).  But I am a two-time owner of recreational vehicles so I’m admittedly biased.

I shouldn’t have to explain the value of vacations but many people don’t take them and then miss their restorative and creative properties.

If you think you can’t afford to take a vacation because of expensive airfare, hotels, and dinners-out then take a look at recreational vehicles.

  • They come in various price ranges and if financed, the interest is deductible on your Schedule A as a second home,
  • A recreational vehicle is an asset you can resell whereas a hotel vacation is money lost,
  • To be on a RV vacation requires the same amount of work that you already do at your home when you can’t afford airfare, hotels, and dinners (cooking, cleaning, and outside maintenance which you can pay someone to do anyhow),
  • If you have a bad meal at the RV you can only blame yourself,
  • Grocery-bought foods are much cheaper than dinners out,
  • You feel like you’re at home when away in your RV,
  • You don’t have to worry about bed bugs,
  • You make your schedule and don’t have to worry about getting stuck in a tube on the tarmac (you can always pull over and get out if in a bad traffic jam!),
  • You don’t have to worry about the sizes of your toiletries and you can carry your firearm as protection,
  •  The people you meet at campgrounds are the most chill and relaxed people you’ll meet,
  • Your pets can travel with you,
  • The cost of a good-sized, new motorhome might seem expensive but a week’s vacation with plane/hotel/dinners-out/car rental/airport parking/pet-sitting are exponentially more cost-prohibitive then a low monthly RV payment, storage fees, fuel, groceries, and insurance.

If you have any questions or comments please write.  I would love to help get you into your dream recreational vehicle.

~ Leigh Ann



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